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SEINT is a simple & easy to use, mama friendly makeup that is going to blow your mind all while saving you time, space and money!

Watch this short video to take a peek at why I love it & how SEINT Came to be.

Hey ladies!!!!! If you don't know me my names Kara I've been with Seint since April 2020 and absolutely love it! My team, the company, and the makeup have changed my life. I'm a momma of 3 and own a Salon, so this has been a game changer with time for me and my clients! I can't wait to show you all how easy and affordable it is! Be prepared to fall in love like we did!!!! Checkout My before & After and some of my own looks done with Seint!

Before & After
Before & After

The two main components of your IIID foundation are your highlight and your contour.. both just $14 per tin!
Most girls like to use what we call a dual highlight.. this means that you will use your main shade everywhere but under your eye, where you will use a lighter shade for extra brightening.

Your foundation colors are matched based on skin tone.. there is a method to the madness!

Have you ever contoured before?

It seems scary doesn't it, But it really truly isn't. Not with Maskcara!

Let's Chat Lip & Cheeks

Our super pigmented cream Lip + Cheek tins (yes, they double as blush and lip color plus more!),  will go a long way.. saving you money! At $14 each, the colors are usually the first thing girls want more of.. choose a different color each day, based on your outfit and your mood!

If you are blush obsessed like so many of us and need an array of colors, check out the Lip + Cheek Collection under the collections tab on the website.. it is $78, which is an astounding $34 savings off retail. What!?
Which shades do you think will be your favorite?


It’s time to shine, girls! Illuminator is placed on your upper cheekbone, brow bone, down your nose and on your cupid’s bow to give you the most youthful, dewy look that is so trendy right now!

There are Several colors to choose from in cream OR powder .. they are universal and just $14 each! Anyone could pull off any shade, but I do usually tell fair girls to go with pearl or glamazing.. medium girls to go with honey.. and darker gals to go with Georgia or glow.

Boom, Say Hello to that Photoshop finish!

Which shade do you like best?

That wraps up the Basics! Are you ready for a Colormatch?